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Lake MELVIL is located at the heart of Mt. MELVIL. To be a good competitive and creative company, we continue to invest our resources into compelling work that pushes creative boundaries.

Toyota Film “Toyota Concept-i” Release

On January 5-8, 2017, Toyota unveiled a futuristic concept car along with a brand film during the CES event held in Las Vegas. The high tech concept car and the film received considerable attention for their innovation and originality. The film itself, titled “Toyota Concept-i”, was just released online on February 26, 2017.

Mt. MELVIL’s director Laurent Barthelemy directed the futuristic and innovative brand film. It introduces Toyota’s vision for the near future of automobile technology. The car is built in a way in which every element of the vehicle is designed to strengthen the user experience. The film’s narrative is based around a personable relationship that develops as the built in Artificial Intelligence, ‘Yui’, learns more about the driver, ‘Noah’.

“We were thrilled to be a part of this project, but we also knew we were going to come across many challenges,” says the executive producer of Mt. MELVIL. Director Laurent Barthelemy adds, “To our knowledge, a naturalistic film about a concept/ mock car is a first. Production was a challenge considering the car was only in its concept stage and doesn’t drive yet. It is also very fragile and had to be kept secret during filming. Some of the technologies, as well as the emotional responses to these technologies, had to be imagined and explored for the first time with this film.”

We are thrilled to introduce you to the film and we hope you enjoy!

CES 2017: TOYOTA’s Concept Car Unveil

Mt. MELVIL is proud to be a part of TOYOTA’s concept car “Concept-愛i” unveil at the CES2017. Kicking off June 2016, we have worked closely with the Dentsu and Toyota Ventures from development of not only the films but also the creative direction of the stage presentation with our director Laurent Barthelemy. It has been one heck of a ride for 7 months, but we are beyond grateful to work with incredible team. From companies to freelance artists and filming crews… the entire machine worked because of each valuable and extremely talented pieces collaborated together. Because of these individuals behind the scene, the project took home at least 8 awards at the CES show with positive coverage on numerous media across the globe. Words can not express our gratitude to everyone who have supported us. We will soon release the full version of the two films we’e produced. Stay tuned!



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KUK: Wrapped!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 16.01.06

Our first original project “Kill.Until.Killed. (aka KUK)” finished filming after 5 consecutive shoot days! Majority of the filming took place in Lancaster, California with incredible casts such as Charlie Schlatter as SAM, Annet Mahendru as LISA TINA, Michael Borne as EDDY, Ryan Masson as JJ, Cornell Womack as TUCKER, and many more. The combination of seasoned actors and uprising actors definitely brought depth and compelling moments into our story, and we can not wait to share. We are currently in our post production phase, aimed to complete the project by the end of October. Stay tuned!


NEW VISIONARY: Christian Bevilacqua


Mt. MELVIL is happy to announce our new director added on our roster: Christian Bevilacqua!! He has created numerous memorable commercials in both US & Europe market, and we will represent him for the Japan/Asia market. We are more than excited to bring his sophisticated yet playful work of seamless combination of slice of life and surreal magical moments into the market! Check out his latest works and bio from there → Christian Bevilacqua


Kill.Until.Killed aka KUK

Mt. MELVIL would like to announce that our film Kill.Until.Killed. (aka KUK) has kicked off with the casting! Prepping for past few months with an uprising film director Tracy Brown, we are thrilled that this project is forming its shape with countless potential. The filming will begin end of August. Please keep your eyes out for future updates of this project!! TracyBrown About the Director: Originally from New York, Tracy Brown is a Writer/Film Director. The themes of his films often focus on alienated characters, explore sexuality, and typically involve expressions of an inner struggle. His films have been showcased in the European Independent Film Festival, New Filmmakers Film Festival, DEADcenter Film Festival, Hollyshorts and Boston International Film festival. Check out Tracy’s most recent short film Vacation here


Opening Reception of Alex G Exhibition 7/18/2015

Photo Jul 18, 6 47 38 PM

A big THANK YOU from Mt. MELVIL to each and every one of you who attended our first every artist collaboration project “DO YOU AGREE?” An Alex G Exhibition Opening Reception on July 18th Saturday!! In despite of the rain, it was full house with over 250 guests attending the opening. There is a Japanese saying, “Rain strengthens the foundation” and we believe that the rain has brought luck to all of us (and not to mention, to the drought California). We shared wonderful time not only with the good old friends who have been a huge support to us, but also meeting new faces. Few art works were bought by our guests, and we are more than happy that Alex’s outstanding talent is being valued. No words can describe the depth of our gratitude, and we hope to have your continuous support.

The exhibition itself will be running until August 15th Saturday. Whether you want to sink into Alex G’s world, casually stop by to say hi to us, or purchase the one-and-only artworks (first-come-first-basis), please feel free to visit during the gallery hours: WEDNESDAY to SATURDAY 11AM to 6PM.

Also we have posted some pictures from the event on our Facebook Page! Thank you.

Monster Children ✖️ Alex G

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.30.34

Monster Children, a web-based pop lifestyle publication featured Alex G in their Studio Visit series! Alex talks about his inspiration, motivation, roots, and the goal in his art. The interview took place in our gallery and introduces the first solo exhibition “DO YOU AGREE?” that opens this weekend JULY 18, Saturday. Please check out the article here!! Also, please check out further details for Alex G Solo Art Exhibition “DO YOU AGREE?” An ALEX G Exhibition  

Cannes Lions 2015: “Exobiotanica” & “KAZ: Pushing The Virtual Divide”


Mt. MELVIL is delighted to announce that EXOBIOTANICA, the botanical space project with SIX has won the Silver Lion in Cannes 2015 in the Photography Category under Design Craft Category under Design Division!! This project is one of our most memorable projects that we have worked on last year. Please check out the website of EXOBIOTANICA for all the mesmerizing photos of the beautiful botanical art in outer space. You can also watch the behind the scenes film here. More exciting projects are planned by Makoto Azuma’s team this 2015, and we are also filming a feature-length documentary about John Powell, the man behind the technology that sends objects into the stratosphere. Stay tuned for the project announcements in the future!

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 23.06.06 We are also thrilled that the Gran Turismo 6 Launch Campaign made the shortlist for the Integrated Campaign led by Content Platform category under Branded Content & Entertainment Lion, and documentary film KAZ: Pushing The Virtual Divide is part of it! Although it did not receive a lion, making the shortlist of Cannes Lions is a significant achievemePlease check out the film here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 23.03.18


Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.41.47

Mt. MELVIL proudly presents “DO YOU AGREE?” the first solo show by ALEX GWe are more than excited on our first collaboration in our new creative space below our production office!! The exhibition will run from July 18th to August 15th, Wednesday to Saturday 11AM to 6PM. Please join our opening reception on July 18th, Saturday starting at 6PM with music, drinks and refreshments. Please email for RSVP. ******* Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alex G is a promising contemporary artist whose artwork is unique beyond comparison… Click to read the full Alex G Exhibition Press Release 

New Visionaries : Jeff Frost, Laurent Barthelemy, Daniel Cloud Campos

Mt. MELVIL’s second half of 2015 is about to kick off stronger with these three new powerful directors joining our roster!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 19.08.53

We are truly delighted to welcome these three visionaries on board!!

Jeff Frost is a multidisciplinary artist, who combines painting, photography, music and sound design into short films. “Circle of Abstract Ritual” is featured by many media and bloggers for it’s extraordinary visual with non digital effect, created from 30,000 photos which Jeff took in 2 years span. Frost’s work is currently being featured as a major component of U2’s Innocence + Experience tour, scheduled for 68 shows in 19 countries and counting.

Laurent Barthelemy is a seasoned director who have worked at Psyop/Smuggler for over 10 years. His accomplishment as not only a director but also a VFX Artist and an Art Director has been honored by the industry, leading him to earn Clio, Cannes Lion, and AICP award. His diverse ability of directing character design, animation, and live action will bring countless possibilities to the potential projects. Most recently he finished a beautiful and intimate black and white music video “Distance” by Thylacine (featuring Dylan Nicholas), based off of his short documentary “Heather”.

Aside from being a successful professional dancer and an actor, Daniel Cloud Campos, is one of the rising young directors. His original contents bursting with creativity, imagination, and great sense of playful humor, has lead him to create a huge following in the internet world, especially his YouTube channel. The music video he directed “Stay the Night” by Zedd featuring Hayley Williams has won the MTV Clubland Award in MTV Music Video Award 2014, and we are excited to boost his directing credits in commercials and original projects.

Mt. MELVIL is looking forward to bring unforgettable experiences to the audience with these three outstanding directors along with our other directors in our roster. Please check out all the directors’ works and the area/field Mt. MELVIL is representing individually here.



Since the expansion of our office in the beginning of this year, we are keeping the majority of our 1st floor office space, which used to be an art studio/gallery, into a Creativity Lab. A space where we can stimulate our creativity and bring life to our ideas. To begin with, we are taking advantage that we are located in the Culver City Gallery Row, and will collaborate with aspiring young artists with extraordinary potentials to create an environment to showcase their art, and share the inspiration and discovery with the world. 

Our first collaboration is with artist Alex G. We met Alex as a production assistant on our projects, and the moment we found out about his side of an artist, we were mesmerized by the world he creates. From a friend director’s casual advice, we were inspired to throw Alex G’s first ever solo art exhibition. Alex is currently working on an original art piece in our lab space (check out the pictures). Aiming the completion by the Culver City Art Walk around in June, we will open up the lab along with Alex’s other artworks! Stay tuned!


New Directors 2015!!

Our excitement in 2015 have increased by having these two outstanding directors on-board!! DirectorsImage Some of you might still remember the striking opening title of the Hollywood adaptation of the film “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. The brilliant chemistry of the imagery and music of the opening title was directed by Onur Senturk, and we are proud to announce that we have him in our roster for projects in US/Japan spots. The sophisticated visual design and his unique worldview will no doubt bring another dimension of possibilities of expression in our future projects. We also have Mackenzie Sheppard, a young highly targeted director who won the “Young Director Award” in Cannes 2014 with his short film “Oba-Chan”. His beautiful imageries capture the depth of our daily lives and people, which makes us forget that he is only 24 years old. Not only that, he can also deliver pop updated trend lively into the screen. We are more than excited to represent him in our future projects especially in the US market. Mt. MELVIL is looking forward to bring exhilarating projects to the audience with these two new young directors along with our sophisticated directors in our roster this coming year. Please check out the directors’ works here.

Documentary “KAZ – Pushing the Virtual Divide” Releases on 1/22/2014!!

“KAZ – Pushing the Virtual Divide” is a documentary film about Kazunori Yamauchi aka “KAZ”, the creator of the Gran Turismo series, a professional racing driver, and a CEO of Polyphony Digital. The film will be released in both Japan and US on Jan 22 via hulu! Mt. MELVIL produced the Japan portion of the film. Please check it out.

“Developed over a period of a year and filmed in twelve international locations, KAZ transports the viewer through a cinematic journey of dedication and creativity through the lens of Kazunori Yamauchi, the architect behind Gran Turismo’s birth and 15 year evolution. The film reveals historical footage and never been told stories shared by some of the most influential people in the automotive and gaming industries.” – Ken Chan//Product Manager, SCEA

Director: Tamir Moscovici
Cinematography: Anthony Arendt

Movie “Judge!” Releases on 1/11/2014 in JAPAN

The movie “JUDGE!” which we helped filming the US portion is announced to be released on January 11, 2014 nationwide Japan. Directed by Cannes award winning director, Akira Nagai, and starring Japan academy award-winning actors such as Satoshi Tsumabuki (known for The Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, etc), Etsushi Toyokawa, Kyoka Suzuki to name a few. Check it out!


Camera lenses are the bedrock of film-making. This is our case study video of how lenses can be effective and be used in lives of ordinary people through a testimony of a man living in Sunland, California.
Life of Randy and Norman through Randy’s Canon lenses.

Shot by Yohei Tateishi
Cut by Yoshiteru Haruta

MELVIL Collaborates With HOVEL

HOVEL is a collective of musicians and composers from Silver Lake, California. They have placed their songs in numerous television, movies, commercials, video games and recording artists throughout the years. Mt. MELVIL collaborates with HOVEL to deliver genuine Silver Lake music to your future projects.

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