Daniel Cloud Campos is able to bring a unique, cohesive and fresh perspective to cinema, stage and beyond. His imagination has no limit. His dance and acting career in commercials, music videos and film lead him to work with directors such as Jonas Åkerlund, Mark Romanek, Michael Gracey and Jon. M. Chu, Daniel used every experience as his own schooling. During this time Daniel was continuously creating his own short films and directing and writing commercials and music videos for artists such as Paramore, Panic! At The Disco and Zedd. He built an international following of his art in the web world, and made his full transition from dance into directing. He has always dreamed big. His ultimate goal is to inspire the world and leave behind a path for others to follow. To create a unique voice in telling stories through music, dance and above all imagination.

Mt. MELVIL represents Daniel Campos for the Asia market.