Gevorg is an US based director who grew up in Russia and Armenia. He graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 2012. As his thesis project Gevorg took his love for video games and crafted a short film based on the popular Grand Theft Auto series that integrated a third person perspective and blended reality and computer generated imagery together. The film went viral almost immediately and to date has racked up over 13 million views. Afterwards, Gevorg was immediately signed by international production companies and began his work in commercials. In 2015 Gevorg founded Bipolar Id, a VR Production Company that acts as a partner on all his VR projects. Gervorg has sculpted a 360-degree narrative film for Mini/BMW called Real Memories; the film takes an one-of-a-kind look at how the mind copes with the unknown, and this work solidified his place as a story teller.

Mt. MELVIL represents Gevorg Karensky in the Asia market.