On December 6th, 2017 Mt. MELVIL along with NION held an exhibit of our director Yukihiro Shoda’s experimental film ‘KAMUY’ to the audience of Miami and Miami Art Basel. 

KAMUY film invited the audience to feel the diverse energies of the world through sensory exposures. The 10-minute experimental art film is an innovative visual installation in which every element is designed in detail for a one-of-a-kind experience. The surround sound coupled with the viewing position curates an environment for the audience to fully immerse into the world of KAMUY.

As with the nature of events, our exhibition had plenty of hurdles to overcome, both in preparation and for the duration of the event. We had an overwhelming amount of interest from people around the exhibit who were not previously aware of us.  Viewers were left in awe, excitement and felt a sense of being ‘reborn’. Despite the limited seats and time, we were able to provide the experience to over 500 people. We hope that those who couldn’t make it to this event would be able to join our opening event in Los Angeles.