Samsung GalaxyII Space Balloon Project

Samsung GalaxyII Space Balloon Project

In this project, based on the theme “connecting this planet’s feelings,” a Galaxy SII smartphone was attached to a special balloon that enabled it to fly 30,000m into the stratosphere above the state of Nevada in the USA. Scenes from the flight, which lasted about 90 minutes, were broadcast on USTREAM via satellite communications. In addition, “messages you want to deliver to space,” which had been solicited via Twitter, were displayed on the Galaxy SII during the flight, and were transmitted across the globe in real time, along with the views from space. Amidst the harsh communications environment, there were many tweets supporting the Japanese and American staff who had done their utmost to ensure the success of the project, and the total audience topped 380,000 people.








Director :

Masaya Yamamoto

Creative Director :

Tsubasa Oyagi

Mt. MELVIL Producer :

Hidekatsu Nagasawa, Motoki Tomatsu