Samy is a self-proclaimed “global citizen” who was raised in England, Tokyo and LA. His work is inspired from his background where he believes in no boundaries or borders.

Samy dove into the creative world by assisting and eventually honing his editing skills at the venerable editorial shop, Spotwelders. He then transitioned to production, working at Anonymous Content and RESET, where he served as a creative assistant to prominent directors such as Andrew Douglas, Garth Davis and Guy Ritchie. 

As a director, Samy’s work for such brands as Facebook, John Lewis, Uniqlo, and LiveNation, continues to reflect his diverse journey in life – capturing a youthful energy, spontaneity and authentic sense of fun. Samy is never on the outside of a creative ask. He’s within it. Guiding it with his own sense of joy for all things.

Mt. MELVIL represents Samy Mosher for the Japan and Asia market.